About EPIC Credits

About EPIC Credits
About EPIC Credits
EPIC credits can be used for all of Inscape Publishing's profiles. As an EPIC account administrator, you control access to the profiles in your EPIC account. Since it is all on-line, you can access EPIC at any time --- administer access codes, monitor report completion, and print reports from anywhere in the world. When ordering credits, be sure to enter the quantity of credits you will need. Example: You want to create 8 Everything DiSC Management Profiles. Each profile needs 25 credits for the report. For 8 Everything DiSC Management Profiles, you will need to order 200 credits @ 3.27 per credit ($654.00). Scroll down to see the quantity of credits needed for one of each of the products. When your order is complete and paid for, we will transfer the quantity you ordered into your account. If you do not receive them in one business day, please call or email us.


Your Key to EPIC Credits Needed for On-line Profiles

• Everything DiSC® Management  25 EPIC credits                                                    /$81.75

• Everything DiSC® Sales  25 EPIC credits/$81.75

• Everything DiSC® Sales Customer Interaction Map/No additional charge

• Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders™ 25 EPIC credits/$81.75;

• Everything DiSC Workplace®  15 EPIC credits/$49.05

• Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders 50 EPIC credits/$163.50  Includes unlimited raters and the Coaching Supplement.

• Everything DiSC Facilitator Report 25 EPIC credits/$81.75

• Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report 25 EPIC credits/$81.75

• Everything DiSC® Comparison Report No additional charge.

• DiSC® Classic 10 EPIC Credits/$32.70

• DiSC® Classic Group and Facilitator Reports 15 EPIC Credits/$49.05

• DiSC® Classic 2 Plus  20 EPIC Credits/$65.40

• Discovering DiversityProfile®, Coping and Stress Profile®, Personal Listening Profile®, Team Dimensions, Time Mastery Profile® and Work Expectations: 10 EPIC Credits/$32.70

• Other Group and Facilitator Reports for Other Profiles listed above: 15 EPIC Credits/$49.05