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We offer facilitator and train the trainer materials that have been custom-created for use with our DiSC assessments, as well as with our Beyond DiSC assessment tools. Our research-based profiles and training tools offer customizable materials designed to create effective leadership, improve management skills, add to employee development, refine employee retention strategies, recruit the right candidates, and soft skills training such as communication skills including listening skills and diversity awareness.

We offer several types of training options: Create your own customizable workshops, training and consulting. Training and facilitation is now easier, more comprehensive, and affordable.

Inscape Publishing has created everything you need to create your own programs.

Click below for specific resources for the following family of profiles:

DiSC® Based Training & Facilitation Materials

I-Sight® Facilitator Guide (DiSC for teens)

Bridgewater Group provides a Train the Trainer Program to fully acquaint you with the Everything DiSC Classic Facilitation System.

Should you need a full certification, Inscape offers an Inscape Certified Everything DiSC Classic Trainer designation that provides you with credentials that demonstrate your in-depth understanding of DiSC, the Everything DiSC Facilitation System, and its applications.