Epic: Your Access to Online Profiles

EPIC is a user-friendly online Internet-based platform for administering online profiles and assessments developed by Inscape Publishing. All you need is a PC with a web browser. No software installation is required!

EPIC is easy to use.
You can it set it up yourself as an account with Bridgewater Group, add your own logo and contact information, and administer over 40 assessments, reports, and action planners. You will be in control of issuing access codes via e-mail, generate profiles and reports, and view results from a secure, password-protected web-site.

What Are EPIC Credits?
EPIC Credits are the “currency” you’ll use to send access codes in your EPIC Account. EPIC Credits never expire. As you run profiles and group reports, your EPIC Account deducts a certain number of EPIC Credits. Each credit value is $3.40.

Credits are good for use with any of the Inscape profiles and reports. Some profiles use 15 credits, others use more. Example: Everything DiSC Workplace Profile will use 15 credits @3.40 = $51 per profile.