Discovering Diversity Profile

Discovering Diversity Profile



Our increasingly diverse society is reflected in growing workforce diversity. Leading organizations acknowledge that working successfully with others who don’t share the same background, beliefs, or traditions is a top priority in today’s workplace. Employees need help in assessing their behavior toward people who are different from themselves. And they must understand the benefits of changing negative attitudes and resistance into appreciation and cooperation. The Discovering Diversity Profile allows individuals to explore their own viewpoints on workforce diversity in four key areas, and can help transform resistance into acceptance, cooperation, and respect.

Personal Insight into Development on Diversity Issues: Help people understand their behavior, attitudes, and understanding of diversity.

  • Learn where assumptions may be mistaken.
  • Understand your own attitudes and opinions about
    diversity issues.
  • Recognize the danger of not realizing your limitations
    within the work setting.
  • Understand how your behaviors may affect others.

Appreciation of Diversity Within the Workplace: Help people become aware of the impact that diversity-related issues have in the workplace.

  • Understand how culture influences work behavior and
  • Reflect on the experience of co-workers with diverse
  • Realize that even if diversity issues aren’t important
    to you, they affect your workspace and co-workers.

A Common Language to Understand and Discuss Interpersonal Diversity Issues: Help people develop a language through which they can efficiently and accurately discuss diversity concerns.

  • Comprehend a better, simpler model to understand the
    complex issue of workplace diversity.
  • Organize your unique subjective experiences with
    co-workers into a usable format.
  • Formulate a defined process through which you can
    address diversity issues.

Dialogue About Diversity in the Workplace: Help create an environment where individuals accept, welcome, and encourage a wider range of diversity.

  • Understand that diversity does not equal adversity.
  • Create a safe forum to discuss differences.
  • Express problems and frustrations in a more open
  • Express dissenting opinions without fear of disapproval
    or causing offense.
  • Create a culture of receptiveness and acceptance

Build Relationships Through Acceptance: Help people apply their knowledge about diversity issues and strengthen or mend relationships with those around them.

  • Understand the emotional experience of another person.
  • Become more sensitive to the needs and feelings of those
    around you.
  • Challenge assumptions about others that might adversely
    influence your behavior.
  • Understand strategies to increase the effectiveness of
    partnerships and teams.

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